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The world today is full of complexities, and we are living in a chaotic world. We are in a violent society and the entire universe is challenged. Chaotic conditions are prevailing today in the world, and it seems that there is no longer a safe place for people to live. Worst conditions abound in this world due to the corrupt hearts of men ! Have any of you wondered why you live in a society of escalating problems? When one problem is solved, there will be three more to take its place. Everything happens for a definite reason and problems are created to obtain the solution. Good and evil are present in this world to create balance. In this unpredictable world, there are souls that are carrying a powerful inner desire to spread Light – Love, Freedom, and Knowledge – to the World. These souls are Lightworkers who are bringing more light into the world. They bring light intoMore >

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3 thoughts on “Hercobuy

  1. Hi, Mr Nic Dakin, MP from Scunthorpe,

    I am Mario Nunes, one of the many that vote and trust on you to represent us in the parliament, and I am Portuguese origins, that come to the U.K. some 20 years ago in an adventure because we don’t have jobs in Portugal.
    And in 2013 I had a small accident at work, smashing my right leg, on the femur, in wich, I had some screws from a previous road accident in Portugal (a lorry comes in front of my motorbike and I had only time to jump) .Like I am trying to say, I smash my leg against to troly corner, in the same direction where I have some screws from my previous accident, that give me extreme pain, and take every day for my entire life 4 pills of morphine. I make 3 operations in Leeds hospital but the extreme pain still is the same and doing this I am 99% of desiable, and I read in a newspaper and heard on the BBC News, that some MPs and the Government are preparing to make some cuts into the desiable persons, which this turns to all of the desiable a nightmare, because most of us can’t work and even try to found work and/or aren’t jobs adequate for the disabled.
    Also, there a crisis problem that must be fixed; the social care need £2,5 billion to tackle the problem.

    The MPs and the Government have the idea to cut the foreign aid of £12.5 billions to tackle this problem and other that maybe occur. This, in fact, it isn’t a very bad idea at all, but it will quite sure political issues to our foreign policies and to the good/excellent image that United kingdom has, and of course between the U.K. and to all of these foreign countries that receive the aid!

    So, my suggestion, if you give me the permission, is instead of making the cuts in this £12,5 billion at once and/or forever, make these cuts for all the less need it for a period of one year and take this amount of money to tackle the social care crisis and to the desiable persons, and many other issues like the NHS, more youngest formation in courses, help them financially to get a course, to get a job, and so prepare them for the new jobs that will come in near future or other!

    And, so, the year after, give the £12,5 billion to the foreign countries aid.
    Like that, the U.K. don’t get a political image problem and the U.K. still stay in a good international image.

    Most of these countries don’t really need all these £12.5 billions and not more than the U.K. need at the present moment.
    Because it is not only the UK Government give so much money in foreign aid. Even Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Poland, Russia, USA, Brazil, Japan, Australia and much other more give to them billions in aid.
    So, if they don’t need a really have desperate situation that need all these billions from UK and now a days like we need.
    And with the bilions that al the other countries give to them, will tackle their problems for a while, and we can fix our isseus and the year after we can give to them the £12.5 billions in foreigh aid. One year us, one year them.

    With this post I don’t to making your head, idea or in any other way make a control of you or what you represent, but to help you and rmenber you that maybe you forgot this option. And I think it is my duty of UK citizan to help my country and help the country where I live, giving some ideas that maybe, tackle some issues like the social care crisis!

    My vote of confidence was for you in the last elections, and because I know that you are like me a good/excelent person, and hope we can fix this and other that exist in the United Kingdom.

    Thank you for your consideratin,

    With the compliments of the season.

    Best regards.

    A supporter of you; Mr Mario Nunes


  2. I will expect Mr Nic Dakin will follow this lines. It is great for everybody. For us, that we are really in need to tackle the social care crisis and other topics. Also, we can remake/rebuilt our “house” so we can thereafter help the other with the £12.5 billion pounds or more a year in foreign aid! And I think that all the countries that benefit from the £12.5 billion in UK aid will also understand. It is for their health and wealth too!


  3. Hi!

    It works. My reminder of the crazy Foreign UK and other countries Aid must stop!

    because nowadays we here in Europe live the same or worst problems like the Aid Countries has.



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